Satellites Green Houses


How gets Green Pet the trees?


With the project "Satellites Green Houses" Green Pet helps communities economically and the foundation get trees that are used for reforestation projects.

Here explains the methodology of the project:




A) Green Pet collect seeds of native species with the help of volunteers and friends of the foundation, with the money he has raised product tree donations reinvested in the purchase of bags for trees.

B) The seeds and plastic bags are assigned to poor people who want to collaborate with the foundation. These people are in charge of play and care the trees, up to a height needed to be planted.

C) The people selected deliver the trees to Green Pet Foundation, and Green Pet pay a token sum to people for their work.

D) Green Pet giving the trees in reforestation and social events to obtain a small grant from the beneficiaries. This money is used to initiate a new cycle of satellite Green Houses.